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Welcome to Gentle Wings
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Legacy Gifts and Sponsors

Rachael Peterson


My art is a way to get a message through. It comes from the heart and spirit. This is my intention.  In understanding yourself, you can break barriers that hold you back. In my belief, life is more than our physical existence. There is so much more if we open our hearts and minds. Communication is vital, whether its words or visual images. They say "a picture can speak a thousand words".  

Contact Gentle Wings for more information or email Rachael at rachael.creativeexpressions@gmail.com


Lazy Crafternoon


Remembrance gifts with 

Lazy Crafternoon. 

Please contact Cindy for more information or if interested in ordering at lazycrafternoon@gmail.com

A portion of the cost will be donated back to Gentle Wings.

MPIX Services


Thank you also to www.mpix.com for offering a gift of a 10x10-20page panoramic book for families to create a legacy. Please contact Dana for more information.

If  you  choose  to  order  additional  prints,  MPIX  is  our  sponsor  as  well  and  they have  graciously  offered  to  donate  proceeds  to  Gentle  Wings.