Gentle Wings

Gentle Wings

Mission statement

    Volunteers sharing their time and talent            from their Hearts.
Gifting families with tender portraits to treasure and remember the life changing chapter in their book of life.

Gentle Wings

Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission though word-of-mouth, Thank you.

We could not continue our mission without the help of supporters like you.


The Beginning

Gentle Wings, founded as a Nonprofit on October 17, 2017. 

The wings and rainbow colors represent the life once lived, the life that lives on and to give hope for the life that is fighting a battle.


Our Sessions

Capturing your infant's first newborn session, bereavement, life-changing illnesses, hospice and special events.

Gentle Wings offers these priceless sessions as a gift to families.

May your loved ones legacy be remembered.


Our gift to you

Gentle Wings gifts families with a tender portrait session of their loved one. Our volunteers are there to capture the journey so families may treasure these portraits for a lifetime. All photos will be sent password protected thru ShootProof to your email, other options are available as well.

Hours of service

We, as volunteers, do our best to cover 24/7. If needing services after 10 pm, please do not hesitate to call yet if you are able to call ahead of time to arrange, that will make things smoother.

Who may contact Gentle Wings?

Family, friends, or staff may contact Gentle Wings for information or to request services. Call, text, or email your requests or questions.
(507) 272-0156

When to contact Gentle WIngs

We request that you contact us as soon as you you know of needing services. Volunteers have families and work outside the home. With this in mind, for most cases, expect that it could take up to two hours before a photographer is able to be at the hospital. Advance notice when possible, is greatly appreciated.

How does HIPAA work?

We are not subject to HIPAA privacy laws because we are invited into the hospital or residence as a guest of the family. This has been verified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Office of Civil Rights, which oversees HIPAA law. We do ask all of our photographers to keep all sessions private and to not discuss details with anyone.