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Welcome to Gentle Wings Nonprofit 501(c)3 EIN# 82-2940265

Welcome to Gentle Wings Nonprofit 501(c)3 EIN# 82-2940265

Welcome to Gentle Wings Nonprofit 501(c)3 EIN# 82-2940265 Welcome to Gentle Wings Nonprofit 501(c)3 EIN# 82-2940265


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11/5/2018 In loving memory of Faith and Hope Widell, From their Grandparents T.

1/9/2019  In loving memory of Everly Marie Morrissey

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10/06/2019 Palliative Care team at Mayo 

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Families who have been touched

Messages of gratitude...


  • Thank you so much for these photographs. They are beautiful and have brought peace and comfort to my husband, myself and our family. We will cherish these for the rest of our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. These mean everything to us. 

     We just want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing our precious Jordan. THANK YOU! ❤

Thank you for Mikayla. She helped make that very difficult day a little more tolerable.

 Thank You.

Isaac Jude 2.26.2016


  • Isaac passed away in February 2016 after fighting dipg for almost a year. Isaac was strong in everything he did in life and he was strong and brave until the end of his fight. Isaac loved school, he loved his friends but his favorite thing was playing basketball. He lived and breathed hoops, he was a great player as well as a natural leader. He was a bright student and a great role model to those around him. Isaac left a everlasting mark on those who knew him and on those he never met. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers today. Jessica Battle Jaymie Wasserman #DefeatDipg #IsaacJudeStrong

Brooke and Baby B


  • I am so grateful for the pictures that were taken by Dana, and the portrait drawn by Rachael of my daughter the day before her first open heart surgery. Not knowing if I was ever going to hold my child alive again was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. These moments captured have been cherished and I feel so blessed to have them. Had she not made it, those would be some of few tangible things left of her. She has survived 7 more surgeries, she is definitely a fighter. I have many more pictures of Brooklyn, but these ones definitely hold a special place in my heart.

Emily and Klint


  • My husband and I spent two long years of injecting medications, enduring surgeries, a miscarriage, starting the adoption process, therapy and emptying out of savings accounts. On March 20, 2012 we got the surprise of our lives, not only had both embryos from our fourth full round of IVF implanted , but one had divided into identical twins. We were pregnant with triplets! This particular type of mixed triplets is often times referred to as "a pair and a spare." The next thirty-five weeks were scary, amazing and the most cherished time of our lives. We made it through the identical twins not being mono-mono at 9 weeks, baby C's placental abruption at 11 weeks, pre term labor at 22 weeks, bedrest that began at 27 weeks, gestational diabetes, cholestasis, two rounds of injected steroids for everyone's lungs, our triplet baby shower, to the OR at 32 weeks for a C-section that was then cancelled and and until finally when each baby was estimated 5 lbs. We finally had a set OR date of October 8th! On October 6th. I woke up with chills and back ache. The exact details of that mornings appt. will always remain a blur, but several hours later we finally got an ultrasound with a physican. His next sentence would change our lives forever. "I'm not sure how to tell you this, but baby B's heart has stopped." I remember literally feeling my heart break and I could not catch my breath. My husband crumbled to the ground and made a sound that will haunt me for the rest of my days. I was rushed to the OR to rescue our survivors. Baby Elle was born sleeping. She was the most beautiful baby I have ever seen and she was identical to her sister Olivia. From the moment we were told Elle's heart had stopped, my life stood still. I had to remind my self to breath. Not one person in the OR that urgently staffed with an emergency team took a photo and my husband was not allowed in the OR. Later that evening, a graceful stranger showed up to our hospital room with a kind smile and stated she was there to capture our angel and our family. It was a true miracle and a gesture we will forever be thankful for. The only photos we have of our daughter are because of an amazing person who volunteers her time, passion and talent to grieving families. We will never have Elle's first day of kindergarten, prom, wedding photos, but we do have our cherished photos Dana captured for us. Her breathtaking photos are hung in our home so we can remember her beauty everyday.

Remembering Hailee Ann


  • Five years ago during my 20 week ultrasound my husband and I found out that our little girl’s heart was no longer beating.  After a whirlwind of questions and decisions we decided to start the inducing process the next day.  When we got home from the ultrasound appointment I decided to contact Dana because I knew she had experience taking pictures of babies in these certain circumstances.  Dana was absolutely wonderful. Dana and I kept in touch throughout the inducing process and  I kept her updated every couple hours.  Dana even brought her camera to work just in case I called during her work hours.  The induction took quite a bit of time and as soon as Hailee was delivered I had my nurse call Dana.  Dana responded and arrived within minutes.  She was absolutely wonderful. She took candid photos that truly captured our emotions.  Dana knew from her experience exactly what pictures to take to capture the memories we have of Hailee. She stayed as long as we needed her.  Dana gave us the greatest blessing as it is our memories that we look at each day and remember Hailee Ann.  
  • Thank you!!
  • Mark and Tracy Henrich