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Welcome to Gentle Wings
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Gentle Wings

Our gift to you


Gentle Wings  gifts family members with an intimate portrait session that they cannot create for themselves. Our photographers will deliver heirloom images to preserve a timeless look that will last for generations.  All photos will be sent  either in CD form or password protected link thru Shootproof.

Other remembrance gifts are availble as well to purchase or gifted to you.


Get involved


We are always looking for volunteers to help make our vision possible. Maybe you enjoy sewing or knitting, web design or materials?  

All talents are welcome to help make our mission possible.

 Please reach out if interested.

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Our Sessions

Memories fade but are forever remembered with the beautiful  portraiture photos that Gentle Wings pr


Capturing bereavement,  NICU babies, memorial services and life events.  Gentle Wings offers these images to serve as an important step in the healing process.

We are called upon to empower and strengthen those battling life-threatening medical conditions, and to give hope and support to those hurting by a loss of a loved one.