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Volunteer Photographers



  I am  a mother of 3 daughters .  I have worked in the medical field for 29 years at Mayo Clinic Rochester. 

It is a great honor to have established Gentle Wings Non profit on October 17, 2017 and to have some amazing volunteers step forward to gift other families with their time and talent.  Without volunteers, Gentle Wings would not be possible.  Gifting families with photos to share and remember..memories fade.



 I am Mikayla 

I am a labor and delivery nurse in the Family Birth center at Mayo Clinic. I decided to volunteer for Gentle Wings after working in the bereavement role in labor and delivery. Pictures are one of the few things families have the option to receive as a memento of their child, I want to help create those keepsakes for them.




 To give a face to the child, the loss and the love.

The child is real.  The loss is real.  The love is real. 

Tracey McGuire I am a Rochester Native.  I love exploring the world in small chunks.  Sometimes I explore through travel, sometimes through people, often through conversation.  I have been a photographer for 10 years and love the perspective it has brought to my life.  Photography challenges me to be creative, to notice light, to notice structure and lines, and most importantly to tell a story



 Catharine Bliss  is a photographer Rochester who specializes in Newborns, Children, Families and High School Seniors. She has been in the world of photography for over 14 years now.  Photography isn't just a pretty picture to her it's a lifetime connection to the people she meets. When she isn't behind the camera she joins her husband in his videography business and hanging out with her 3 children. 



 I am a mom of 3 kids.  I know the love we have for our babies whether they are here with us or not. I have had close friends lose their babies at full term, and others who have had to watch their babies through glass in the NICU. Everyone deserves to have images of their babies. 



 I have been an avid photographer for years. I have been following Gentle Wings (I know Dana) and I have this pull in my heart to volunteer for this, also pictures are priceless and I want to give back to parents and doing this by volunteering to take photos would make me happy. 



  Nicole Mills had always been something of a shutterbug, but when her daughter was born almost nine years ago, it became very important to her to document her daughter’s growth, and of course, her beautiful smile. That interest quickly expanded to include photographing all the girls & women Nicole could get in front of her camera. The more someone wants to hide from the camera due to self-doubt, the more Nicole wants to photograph them! Her hope is that her work acts as a mirror for her clients, showing them the beauty they embody.  In her free time, she likes to make & eat chocolate chip cookies, read, remodel homes, and lose herself in Photoshop working on images. 



I am a mother of one, wife, artist, lover of people and the outdoors. I received my BFA in 2011, at The Art Institutes International of Minnesota. Since 2015 I have been working as a health unit coordinator(HUC) in Mayo Clinic's Mary Brigh NICU. Working with families in the NICU, I have seen many miss the chance to get their newborn's photos taken. As a new mom and photographer, I understand the importance of those precious moments. With the help of Gentle Wings, I can be apart of making that photo opportunity possible.


 I am a Labor and Delivery nurse at Mayo Clinic, but also have a passion for photography. As soon as

 I am a Labor and Delivery nurse at Mayo Clinic, but also have a passion for photography. As soon as I learned about Gentle Wings I just knew I needed to be a volunteer. Photos allow us to share our lives with others and remember special moments and loved ones forever. I feel so incredibly honored and humbled to have the ability to capture these photos for others