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In remembrance of Cole..
December 2nd, 2018 is when we lost our Cole. December 5th, 2019 is when we gained our Asher. 

After we lost Cole, my family and I participated in craft sales, and we raised $1,500 in his name. I’ve just purchased the first round of goods to donate, and we would be honored to give the majority to your organization, as you helped us so much after our loss. Other donations are going to the purchase of baby urns for the funeral home that helped us, and to mayo auxiliary for yarn to make their priceless keepsakes. We are so grateful for everyone that helped us through the worst December of our lives, as we look forward to having the best December now. 

I see your beautiful photos of lost babies and grieving parents and it takes me right back to when I felt that same hurt. I never thought I’d be happy again. A year later, my family and I are now in a better place that I want people to know is possible. I want the donated items to help encourage them every day until they can see it too. @ Gentle Wings

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